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Hassle Free 

Every month you will receive an ACH payment in your checking account of the agreed upon amount. Same Day. Same Amount. Every Month.

12%. +/- 0%. 

You read correctly. 12% annual return - nothing more, nothing less. No fees. No Contingency's. No BS.

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Asset Backed 2:1 Ratio

Unlike typical private investing, your investment will be secured by Physical Assets at a 2:1 ratio. Where you can physically see and touch - unlike most pipe dreams on the internet where their address is a "corporate shared" office space - Twin Branch Resort Inc. owns the land, buildings, and equipment.  

True First Party Experience

No middleman. Only the main man.  

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Project Name

This is your Project description. A brief summary can help visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

Ready For A Change?

Just like our operations and beliefs - Hassle Free - Down to Earth - Jesus First. When banks pay you 1/50th  of what they charge you when you need that same dollar is when you question logic. With typical P2P lending and private equity funding, they expect you should be satisfied with an investment that pays you 5% - no secured stock - no claim against assets - no recourse - and a thank you for only charging you a .5% administration fee. These single digit returns can not even keep up with inflation, yet corporate America claims to value the middle class. These are the reasons why Twin Branch Resort offers private investor opportunities. We believe the only way for the middle class to survive - is to build off of each other. No pipe dream. No fairy dust. No start up tech company that shares an office space.  Just a Business physically backed by assets you can see, touch, and feel - a business you can actually see on google maps and one that you will probably want an excuse to come and visit. 


Ceo & President

Twin Branch Resort Inc.